Infosys open new branch in Hartford, What is behind investor view

On Wednesday Infosys open a new branch for its technology and innovation in Hartford, Connecticut.

President of Infosys Ravi Kumar said that this branch will collaborate with many other companies in the region including across manufacturing, healthcare and Insurance sectors with experiencing rapid digitization.

Months ago Governor Malloy was quoted that Infosys would put down roots in Connecticut and create over 1000 plus job in Hartford. They have also a strong corporate partner so they can easily work.

Infosys’s Bangalore Headquarters, software service exporter said that it has hired more than 7000 American workers and also they will hire more than nearly 10000 plus American to boost digital innovation for American enterprises.

Labs at the Hartford will use blockchain.

As per the new hub of Infosys started in Hartford is great news for who invested in Infosys, Because we know that when technology is changing we should change and deliver the new idea to the world. Infosys was started in 1981 in Pune. Now it develops many things to the public and growing day to day so every investor should keep watch in this stock.

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