How to update UIDAI Aadhar – Change your name, mobile number, Address

This post will help you, how can You change your Aadhaar card (UIDAI) detail Online and offline. You can change your name, mobile number, and Address easily.

Aadhaar update online easy steps

We are most familiar with Aadhaar card, We required Aadhaar card for many governments uses like an open bank account, Income tax, Government subsidy, phone connections, Mutual funds, Stock market, gas connections, etc. If we have any mistake in the Aadhaar card, we can’t use online. Example, If you want to link Aadhaar card with Pan card, you must require both names is the same. If you have not both same, then you cant able to link Aadhaar card and Pan card.

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UIDAI has made a simple process to change your Aadhaar card detail both online and offline. Here is a brief process to change your Aadhaar card detail/ Aadhaar card update online and offline which you can easily get Aadhaar card detail updated. By the following way you can change your Aadhaar card name, mobile number, Address, date of birth, email ID on Aadhaar card.

How to Update UIDAI Aadhaar card online?

You can change or update only your Aadhaar card address online. You can change Name, date of birth, gender, email ID and Mobile number at Aadhaar enrollment center.

How to change or update Your Aadhhar Address online

To change your Aadhhar address you have to follow the following steps.

Before proceeding to update Address you require:

Step 1: Open the UIDAI’s Official Website-  Click here to Open UIDAI website

Step 2: After the first steps, Scroll down the page and you will find the above image. Then click on “Update Your Address Online

Step 3: To change Address on Aadhar card, There are 2 options available. Option (A) if you have any valid documents then click on Update Address, Options (B) If you have not any valid proof then click with Request for Address validation letter.

Aadhaar card address change

step 4: Change address with Options (A). You will required Login with Aadhaar number/VID.

aadhaar card address change login page

step 5: You will receive OTP on registered Aadhaar card. Enter OTP to Login your Aadhaar Account. If you haven’t registered mobile number with your Aadhaar card then you cant Change your address online.

step 6: Tick mark on Have Address proof and click on submit button.

Aadhaar card address check

step 7: Enter your residential Address as mentioned in your new
Proof of address (PoA) and click on submit Update Request button.

Aadhaar card address change

Step 8: tick marks the declaration and proceeds further.

Step 9: Select your document type in the section of Proof of Address, scroll and select a document which you want to upload. Next, choose the file from your computer folder. After uploading your file click on submit button.

Step 10: Click on yes button and choose BPO provider who will verify your details.

Step 11: The BPO service provider will examine your mentioned detail in the form matches with the POA and forward your request to UIDAI. They will provide you acknowledgment slip When your request is accepted they will provide you acknowledgment slip. It contains the UPDATE REQUEST NUMBER (URN). Once your request will be accepted then you can download Aadhaar card and print out.

How to Update Address in Aadhaar card without Document Proof

When you are emigrant one place to another place to live a long time. You have required to change our all document address, Also you require to change Aadhaar card Address. You may have no current residential proof then here process you have to follow for Aadhaar card Address change without Document proof.

Step 1: Click on Update your Address Online.

Step 2: Click on the” Request for address validation letter

Step 3: Enter your Aadhaar card number, captcha verification code and Click on OTP

Step 4: Click on the Address verifiers Aadhaar card number and click on submit button

Step 5: After Your request will be submitted, Aadhaar verifier will get a message from UIDAI.

Step 6: The verifier will get an SMS containing the OTP, Then he will link the request of the Applicant. He will receive the link in the SMS and login to the account. Then he has to enter the OTP.

step 7: When Application verifies by the verifier, you will get the SMS in registered number with Aadhaar card with SRN and link to the submitted applications. Now Enter SRN number and entered the receive OTP. Then click on Login Button and fill up your new address.

Update Aadhhaar Card details by visiting Enrollment Centre

For changing name, mobile number, birth date, Email-ID in Aadhaar card you have to visit Aadhaar Enrollment center. For update and correction of Aadhaar card, you will be charged RS 25.

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