How to invest in government bond in India?

For investment decisions, the guiding principle should be the SLR of investment, when investing in such stock, bonds, mutual funds etc. SLR means Safety, Liquidity, and Return. In terms, Safety means safest since they are issued and backed by an investor. Liquidity means a high volume of activity in a market. Returns mean how many returns give such stocks, bonds in a year. Above criteria are should be examined by investor and then invest in such bond. Government securities are safe in case of safety. It should be noted in government security there is a component of market risk, ex. the price of the bond falling after you purchase it.
Small investors like you and me can buy gov. bonds in India using a website or mobile application of NSE (National Stock Exchange). The Android application offered by NSE is called “NSE goBID”. There is a link of a mobile application and website, website- NSE goBID and Android app- NSE goBID android.

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