Best useful stock Screener for Indian stock market

Best useful stock screener, its help to improve pick up good stocks

To find out multi-bagger stock is not an easy task, investor required much preparation, as well as they, require good fundamental knowledge and best useful stock Screeners website or apps. These websites will help an investor to find out the best stock and they easily get some decisions. Also, many stock screeners website and apps are available in the India stock market. Here I am discussing the best 4 Websites, These website lists I created through experience which many investors use to find stock on the basis of Technical and fundamental. 

There are over 5,600+ companies listed on Indian stock market. It doesn’t make sense to read the balance sheet, cash-flow, profit and loss statement of all the listed companies. In order to select the best stock for investment, investor or traders look at a balance sheet,  profit & loss, PE ratio, debt & equity ratio and a lot of the parameters. That’s why stock screeners can be a very useful tool for investors and traders to reduce lots of hassle.
What is a Stock Screener?
Stock screeners will help you in doing research and analysis. There are normally two types of screeners in market 1. Fundamental Screener and 2. Technical screeners. In Fundamental Screeners investor filter data with Financial figures, when in Technical screeners you will customize your data by moving average, Oscillators, Bullish & Bearish etc.
 When investing in stock its main point to check the figure of annual financial statements and stock comparisons. Many free screeners tools are available in the market, they give very good facilities for analyzing stocks. is the most powerful website for stock screening and Its free screener that provides fundamental and technical both options. You can find a list of all the companies trading on BSE and NSE. 
There are many filters available on INVESTING for screening stocks like price, ratio, fundamentals, technical indicators, volume, volatility. Also, you can filter out stock in the specific industry by applying Price/book value, PE ratio, ROC, RSI, MACD etc. 
For example, if you are studying in the Banking Industry, Then simply click on the Banking industry option. Then appear a list of companies of banking industries. 
It will give us a facility to download the result of our research offline. So, you can also use results on offline. You can also use a watch list and alert facility. 


A screener is a simple tool for getting fast stock search and new ideas so you can analyze quickly. You can customize your result and also filter data based on PE ratio, market capitalization, book value, profit etc. It has many features like you can get an update of inside trade, create a watch list, track credit ratings, pros/cons of stocks, powerful peer comparisons, delivery volume, date export on excel, upload your own excel data on a website, etc.


Zerodha is another simple stock screener which has lots of tools for technical analysis. It has the most useful tools to find out stock on the basis of the chart. Here you can filter chart with 50+ indicators, its include MACD, ZIgZag, Swing Index, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands etc. They provide us a simple chart so also new user can easily understand and use functions. 


Marketsmojo provides free and professional screener tools. Many investors may not have knowledge about how to find the quality of stocks, valuations of stock and financial trends of stock. They also give mojo analysis with valuations, financial trends, quality of stock, so it saves your time to find valuations and many financial computations. It will help you in debt-equity ratio, PAT, cash flows etc.
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